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December 14th, 2013 on Cedar Creek Lake

Backup Lake TBD

Weigh in: Log Cabin

Statewide Regulations Apply.

You can weigh 3 fish.

Remember your fish must be 14" or larger.

6:00 am to 3:30 pm

Log Cabin
From 31 in Malakoff, go north on 198. Turn left onto FM-3054. Within 1500 feet, turn left into Log Cabin on Alamo Road and follow road to ramp.
Fee required
Open all year

TPWD Fishing Report:

Angling Opportunities
Largemouth bass angling is best in the lower end of the reservoir where the water is clear. The lake record weighed 14.65 pounds. Catfishes are abundant, with more blues than channel cats in the legal size range. Hybrid striped bass are stocked annually and the lake record is 13.19 pounds.

Fishing Cover/Structure
Most submerged vegetation is located in the backs of coves in the lower end of the reservoir. Some emergent vegetation is present in the upper end but water is very shallow. Look for submersed islands across the lake from the confluence of Clear and Caney creeks.

Tips & Tactics
Anglers generally follow the birds to find schools of white bass and hybrids. Action can be good all year but is particularly good in the spring. Look for largemouth bass in the weedy back ends of coves in the lower third of the lake. Use cut shad or live bait for blue catfish.

Link to Texas Parks & Wildlife - Cedar Creek



Hershul Smith, our Tournament Director, would like to remind everyone:

  1. There will be no more bags for weigh in. It will now be conducted with the cork system. There will only be 15 available and you must have one to weigh in.
  2. Running lights must be on until dawn. This violation is grounds for disqualification and a State law.
  3. Stay out of: NO BOAT AREAS; 1st time Warning; 2nd time disqualification.
  4. You must be at least 50' from swim areas and cannot tie up to buoys.
  5. Please observe NO WAKE AREAS.
  6. Also, it helps to pay for the tournament well before weigh-in. At the meeting is ideal, but before the weigh-in starts cuts down on the mayhem during.
  7. If you pre-pay for a tournament at the meeting and find you cannot make the tournament, contact any club officer before 8:00 PM the Friday before fishing.
  8. If you leave the tournament early, either sign out at the mailbox or let someone know you are leaving.
  9. Weigh-in is at 3:30 PM unless changed. Make sure the tournament director or assistant knows you are on time, especially if there is a line to weigh fish.
  10. There is a 3 fish limit, unless lake rules demand less. Each contestant must bring 3 fish ONLY to weigh-in. Fish shall be in weigh-in bags or containers with sufficient water to keep the fish in good condition until they are released. Failure to do so shall result in a 1 pound penalty.